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Anatomy of a Test Suite

Creating a good test suite can be a work of art. However, there are some established principles we can follow to ensure we have created a good test suite.

A good test should have the following properties:

  • A test should be repeatable. The best way to do this is to ensure that you reset the app before starting the test again.

  • A test should be concise. If a test is testing multiple functionalities, it should be divided into multiple tests each of which tests a single functionality. Then you can rearrange these tests to create a longer test.

  • A test should be specific. A test should test functionalities that are measurable. For example, if your app orders a list it is hard to check that the order is "correct". It is easier to write a test that checks the first few items in the list and checks for specific values.

What's Next

Configure your Mac or PC for creating tests

Install Appium
Upload an App

Anatomy of a Test Suite

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