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The MoQuality CLI

The MoQuality Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy to upload apps and manage tests on MoQuality. It's an essential part of making your QA process agile.


The MoQuality CLI can be installed using brew.

brew install moquality/brew/mq

If you prefer yarn, you can install the CLI with

yarn global add mq-cli

Verify your Installation

To verify your CLI installation, use the mq --version command:

$ mq --version
mq-cli/0.0.40 darwin-x64 node-v11.10.0

Getting Started

After you install the CLI, you can setup your API key with

$ export API_KEY=<api_key>

To upload an app to MoQuality, run the mq upload command.

$ mq upload --app ~/path/to/app.apk

Set up the MoQuality CLI in your CI/CD pipeline

You can install the mq-cli in your pipeline instructions and then setup your API Key so that any command that follows is set up for your account. For example, if you want to upload an app and start robo tests on that version, you can do

$ mq upload --app ~/path/to/app.apk --config Robo

You can create these configurations on the dashboard.

Uninstalling the MoQuality CLI

To uninstall the CLI, you can use

brew remove mq

If you installed the CLI through yarn, use

yarn global remove mq-cli

The MoQuality CLI

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