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Create a Run

Running mobile tests on cloud with MoQuality

A test run can be scheduled from the MoQuality app by navigating to the "Runs" section and following through the wizard to schedule a new run.

1. First Step - Choose an app version

Pick a version of your app using the dropdown.

2. Select a configuration of ordering of tests to be executed.

You can select tests that you have created on MoQuality using Barista, our visual test authoring tool, or simply pick Robo Tests. When you add tests, they run in the order specified in this configuration.

You can add each test to the configuration by clicking on the "+" icon next to the test. You can add a test multiple times and can change the ordering by dragging them by the handlebars on the left.

While adding a Robo Test, you can change the time limit (i.e., how long the robo should test the app), and the step limit (i.e., how many steps the robo should execute).

Once you make your selection, your configuration should look like this.

3. Select devices

You can pick any number of devices from the ones available on MoQuality or through our partner device clouds.

4. Specify test data - optional

If your test uses any test data, you can add them here optionally in CSV format.

5. Review and Start

In the final step, you can review your test run and hit "Start Run" to schedule it for an instant run. The test would be run on the devices selected and the results would appear on the dashboard with in a few minutes after.

Note that, based on device availability in the cloud, your test could take as little as 5 minutes to as long as 30-40 minutes. For faster execution, you can purchase additional device slots with your subscription.

Create a Run

Running mobile tests on cloud with MoQuality

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