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Get Started

Install Appium

Setup local machine to run appium

Appium can be installed via NPM or as a GUI Desktop application. We recommend installing Appium from NPM for better control and also for properly installing iOS support.
Install appium and appium-doctor.

npm install -g appium 
npm install -g appium-doctor

Now run appium-doctor to verify that the Appium installation was properly done.


After running Appium-doctor, you should see a checklist of items needed. Seeing green checks against the necessary items is a must and you may choose to complete the optional dependencies. If there are any issues, Appium should provide you steps for remediation.

Now that you've properly installed Appium, you can run it directly in the terminal.


You should see a message like this, which means Appium is running on your machine on port 4723.

At this point, you should be set up with Appium. Follow the next steps to Setting up Android for testing.


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Install Appium

Setup local machine to run appium

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