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Setting up a Device

Barista uses real devices or emulators

To record a test for a particular app, you will need to have that app installed on a device. Barista can be used with native apps on any Android or iOS device. Barista supports Android emulators, but it does not work with iOS simulators yet.

Android Device

To use an Android device, enable USB debugging through Developer Options. This allows the device to communicate with your desktop through the USB.

Android Emulators

Barista also works with Android emulators. To install an emulator on your system, install Android Studio.

To install the Android Emulator, select the Android Emulator component in the SDK Tools tab of the SDK Manager. For instructions, see Update your tools using the SDK Manager.

Each instance of the Android Emulator uses an Android virtual device (AVD) to specify the Android version and hardware characteristics of the simulated device. To effectively test your app, you should create an AVD that models each device on which your app is designed to run. To create and manage AVDs, use the AVD Manager.

You can list the AVDs installed on your machine with:

emulator -list-avds

You can then start an emulator with

emulator @emu5 -skin 360x640

iOS Device

To use an iOS device, you need to install Xcode and have command line tools installed. See Setting up for iOS.

You also need to install libimobiledevice and ideviceinstaller through brew. If you installed Barista through brew, these dependencies should be installed with Barista.

brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice
brew install --HEAD ideviceinstaller

You can check if your device is properly configured with

idevice_id -l
# Outputs udid of the connected device
ideviceinfo -s
# Outputs additional info on the connected device
ideviceinstaller -l
# Outputs the list of apps installed on the connected device

If these commands don't work, refer to Known Issues.

Setting up a Device

Barista uses real devices or emulators

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