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Setting up for iOS

Setup Xcode and your developer account

There is no setup necessary if you are testing on Android

If you want to use Barista with an Android device, you can skip this section.

If you are going to use Barista for testing your app on an iOS device, you will need to configure your Xcode and Apple developer account with the following changes.

Xcode Setup

For testing on iOS, you will also need to set up your Xcode properly. Barista works with Xcode 9.4+

  1. Configure your developers' iCloud account under Preferences > Accounts.
  2. Install command line tools using xcode-select --install

To test with iOS 12, you need Xcode 10.0+.

Make sure that your Xcode is set up with a developer account authorized to compile and install apps on the device that you are about to use. Barista will need the TEAM_ID for this account. You can find it at under "Membership".

Configuring WebDriverAgent's App ID

Barista compiles Facebook's WebDriverAgent and installs it on your device with the bundle id. You will have to register this bundle id with in your developer account.

  1. Log in to your developer account.
  2. Go into "Certificates, Ids & Profiles".
  3. Find App IDs under "Identifiers".
  4. Click + to register a new App ID.
  5. Use "Explicit App ID" and register, where TEAM_ID is your actual Team ID.

Set up carthage

Install the carthage library using brew.

brew install Carthage

Check your iOS device

Ensure that your Mac can connect and talk with your iOS device. Check the iOS Device section in Setting up a Device.

Setting up for iOS

Setup Xcode and your developer account

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